Eggs and milk eat together Is wrong?

Rumor: not to eat eggs and milk, or will cause significant nutrient losses. There are two reasons: First, the “milk in trypsin inhibitor, can inhibit protein digestion, lower nutritional value”; the second is “sticky protein in the egg and milk in trypsin, forming not digest the material, greatly lower nutritional value. ”

Truth: This article on soy milk, “with the taboo,” it can not be well known, can be considered widely held, as long as it was mentioned that “what and what not to eat”, there is always such a. Look at the reasons given, but also contains some scientific terms, more easily convinced. In the end these statements from time reliable?

When the egg case of milk

The first reason pretty little spectrum, does contain some of the soybean trypsin inhibitor, its activity is inhibited trypsin digestion, which reduces absorption of protein. We say that milk must be cooked the food, cooked to undermine the role of protease inhibitor activity. However, this had nothing to do with the eggs. If its activity is destroyed, then it will not affect the digestion of any protein; if not destroyed, then not only is the egg, soy protein digestion and absorption of their own will also be affected.

The second is purely repeated the baseless assertion. Trypsin is human or animal pancreatic secretion of enzymes, is to break down protein. If this enzyme exists in soybean, soybean simply trying to find fault with themselves in the process of evolution has long been eliminated. Is probably the first one to raise this argument did not see the person “trypsin” and there are “inhibitors” is the word, take it for granted for a lot of “reasoning”, so they spread. Eggs in the “sticky proteins” is a combination of sugar, protein, which itself is a protease inhibitor, can be combined to make the loss of trypsin activity. Since there is no trypsin soy protein, egg protein, with soy milk sticky there would be no contradiction. However, this “sticky proteins” itself is an allergen, some people are allergic to eggs, it is one possible culprit. If the milk is really a combination of ingredients can be “sticky proteins” so that it loses sensitization, a good thing.

It can be seen, milk and eggs are needed for adequate heating cooked food, the heating process in addition to killing disease-causing bacteria, commonly referred to, is also charged with destruction of these “black sheep” of the task. As for the cooked milk and eggs, eat the loss will not have any nutritional problems.

Bingo! Can not be washed with milk to egg

There is a taboo to say: can not use soy milk to rinse out the egg, and the reasons given above the same. Reason for the error, but this conclusion was a lucky hit is correct, because the temperature of hot milk to eggs not fully heated. Eggs are easy to contain pathogenic bacteria, if not fully heat sterilized, then, after eating may have some undesirable consequences. Although modern man is very respected, “organic farming” and “go to chicken,” but actually “walking chicken” breeding conditions, lay eggs in the environment is often difficult to protect eggs of health, a higher likelihood of containing pathogenic bacteria, with milk to red eggs, the greater the risk of a full pasteurization is more important.

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